Election Day Countdown to 6 Nov 12

Election Day Countdown to 6 Nov 12

Most of the problems facing this country today can be traced back to the point at which our lawmakers started abandoning the Constitution and other principles which guided our Founding Fathers.
Since 1913, the Constitutional Republic our Founders blessed us with, has gradually been transformed into a democratic socialist society incapable of securing for us the “Blessings of Liberty” for which so many fought and died.

Today the majority of our lawmakers in Congress do not understand the vast differences between a Republic and a Democracy, the free enterprise system and socialism, or the difference between Christian principles and secular humanism. They also, don’t understand the proper function of government or why our government came into existence in the first place. (For more click the links above.)

And yet, we continue sending these ignorant, arrogant, people to Congress to uphold a Constitution that they don’t understand or respect. In 1803, George Tucker made the same complaint with these words:

“If an acquaintance with the Constitution and laws of our country be requisite to preserve the blessing of freedom to the people, it necessarily follows that those who are to frame laws or administer the government should possess a thorough knowledge of these subjects. For what can be more absurd than that person wholly ignorant of the Constitution should presume to make laws pursuant thereto? Or that one who neither understands the Constitution nor the law, should boldly adventure to administer the government!” George Tucker, 1803.
The Founders understood that God created man with inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. So, they created our government with a Constitution designed to protect those God-given rights. Today however, we find that our government refuses to protect the Life of the unborn, denies our right to protect our own Life with its misguided gun control laws, devises socialist schemes to take Property from one and give it to another, while forcing us to give up over half of our Liberty working to pay for these unconstitutional programs.

These things have occurred because those in office today do not understand that all government power comes from that delegated to it by the people. The government therefore, cannot rise above its creator (the people), to do anything that the people themselves cannot do. Since the people have the right to protect their own Life, Liberty, and Property, they can create government to provide assistance in areas of protection such as the military, law enforcement, fire protection, etc.. The people however, cannot hire a government to take from one and give to another regardless of the intended purpose. Every redistribution of the wealth scheme foreign or domestic is unconstitutional, unlawful and immoral.

Socialism is unconstitutional because Article 1, Section 8 only authorizes Congress to borrow, tax, and spend for less than 20 different purposes, which are clearly defined and restricted primarily to external matters such as war and international concerns. The few remaining powers are related to only those things that state governments cannot feasibly do, like coining money, establishing federal courts, etc. As James Madison explained, it is the States that were to be responsible for “all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people”. To remove all doubt as to their intentions, the Founders added the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”. Since, there is no authorization in the Constitution for socialist programs, all of them are UNconstitutional.

Socialism is unlawful for government because it is unlawful for the people who created government to take from one and give to another. If the people themselves practiced socialism, they would go to JAIL for stealing.

Socialism is immoral because it requires the violation of God-given property rights (Thou shalt not steal) and the promotion of class warfare (Thou shalt not covet).